Are Telephone enabled Devices safe?

An article on About war Texting, got me thinking about all the 3G and telephone enabled devices we take for granted – Security Cameras, Traffic Control systems, home controls, SCADA Sensors, and now cars can be unlocked via SMS. We use these devices for convienence obviously, but we must begin the conversation about how to protect the devices.

If hackers can gain access to the DoD, NSA and currently the zeitgeist on APTs is that malware has gone undetected for YEARS in these systems, then the next logical progression is that the hackers will get access to these telephone enabled devices and use them for profit or terrorism. Imagine the gridlock!

These devices work on text messaging. It’s similiar to botnets using twitter; following a twitter account and when the hacker tweets a specific command, that looks innocuous, the malware starts; except this time, the hacker dial numbers to be able to upgrade software, or download data. Think about the rise of text spam.

These Telephone enabled devices can’t be firewalled or restricted like an IP network. So understanding these threats, should help manufacturers come up with creative and secure solutions.

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