Data Breach Investigations Report 2011

DBIR 2011

Includes Data from US Secret Service and Dutch High Tech Crime Unit

This is an awesome read, if you are interested in current, historical and future IT security trends. Here’s some tidbits:

  • Who is behind data breaches?
    • 92% stemmed from external agents (+22%)
    • 17% implicated insiders (-31%)
    • <1% resulted from business partners (-10%)
    • 9% involved multiple parties (-18%)
  • How do Breaches occur?
    • 50% utilized some form of hacking (+10%)
    • 49% incorporated malware (+11%)
    • 29% involved physical attacks (+14%)
    • 17% resulted from privilege misuse (-31%)
    • 11% employed social tactics (-17%)
The report consolidates all types of breaches to servers and data, including hacking, malware, social, misuse, error, physical and environmental. Using the A4 (Agent, Action, Asset, Attribute) elements and the VERIS framework The Report presents a grid depicting 630 individual Threat Events.
Here’s the report for you to read for yourself:
Data Breach Investigation Report 2011

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