Other Glen Victors

These are links to other Glen Victors in the world.

We all may be different, come from different backgrounds but we all have something in common: our parents had the good sense to name us Glen



If you are a Glen Victor, then please contact me glen@glenvictor.com

  1. Glen Victor – 3D Animator
    • By far the most prolific and most creatively talented Glen Victor. ¬†check his site GLVictor.com
  2. Glen Victor (Sutanto) РThe Swimmer. Go Glen!!!!
  3. Glenn Victor –¬†Medical Informaticist at Henry Ford Health System
  4. Glenn ¬†Victor –¬†Public Relations & Marketing Director at United Safety Council
  5. Glenn Victor –¬†QA Manager at Oplink
  6. Glenn Victor – DJ
  7. Glenn Victor –¬†Director at Sleepright Limited
  8. Glenn Victor –¬†president at ustp
  9. Glen Victor Agee – Patrolman (Officer Down Memorial Page)
  10. Glen Victor Meats – South Africa Abattoir
  11. Glen Victor – Caterer
  12. Glen Victor Boyle – Narrator


Drop me a note if you know of any other Glen Victor

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