Right-click takes forever

I noticed my office computer took too long to open the right click menu. So of course I researched it and found a great article that worked, here. and here

Basically you delete non-Microsoft right-click shell handlers.

My preferred method is to edit the registry, but then I live boldy.


Registry Key Description
HKCR \*\shellex\contextmenuhandlers Files
HKCR\AllFileSystemObjects\shellex\ contextmenuhandlers Files and file folders
HKCR\Folder\shellex\contextmenuhandlers Folders
HKCR\Directory\shellex\contextmenuhandlers File Folders
HKCR\<ProgID>\shellex\contextmenuhandlers File class
HKCR\Directory\Background\shellex\ContextMenuHandlers Desktop


I exported the original, in case I needed to restore the registry key, but generally, I left the most basic choices.



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